The Cut Buddy As Seen On Shark Tank – Multiple Curve Trim & Shaping Guide for Hairline, Beard, Goatee, Mustache, Neck, Sideburn

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As seen on Shark Tank! Beard Shaping and Haircuts with Ease! You get 3 different curve sizes and angles to work with instead of just 1. Are you a parent struggling to cut your child’s hair, a military veteran, college students, barber in training, salon owner, beginner or nursing home specialist helping disabled patients? The Cut Buddy is a patented maintenance edge up, line up, and shape up beard template and hair template tool for haircuts, hairlines, neck lines, beard, bikini lines and mustache/moustache. This stencil and shaping tool works in conjunction with hair t outliners, barber pencils, clippers, disposable razors or a straight razor. We love barbers and salons! It is the perfect tool to use between your barber visits and for personal use. For the training barber or salon artist, it is the perfect tool to use in conjunction with magic/liner pencils for beards and hairlines. The purpose of The Cut Buddy shaping tool is to give males and females of all nationalities and demographics a crisp, clean and defined front / sideburn hairline profile. Where can I use this haircut tool? Works for hairlines, sideburns, make up, beards, bikini lines, and vaginal hair shaping. With a quick glide of a clipper, edger, outliner, razor, or any hair removal tool, anyone can have a perfect hairline/beard line in minutes. Notes: Be careful purchasing similar designed products. Our product is patent protected under patent number US D768332. Other products copying our design may not be authentic and unsafe. All products are sold in new condition. Some customers have noticed small etch marks or print marks on their product. This is caused by friction from our punch injection molding machine. These marks are normal and do not hinder effectiveness or safety of product. Our products only come in new condition directly from manufacturer. If you have any questions, feel free to message us. We are here to help.NO MORE MISTAKES Use The Cut Buddy as a guide to reduce errors and mistakes on your beard, haircut, or mustache so you can feel great about how you look EVERY DAY
SHARK TANK APPROVED Get the beard and haircut shaping template as seen on the hit TV show
MULTIPLE PATENTED CURVES The ONLY template with MULTIPLE Curve Sizes/Angles that allow for DOZENS of angles and shapes, unlike the competition. We all have different head sizes and hairlines; MULTIPLE CURVES ensure you get the PERFECT cut. ANYONE to Trim and Shape Beards, Hairlines, and Mustaches. Great tool for Barbers and Stylists (especially for training)
FLEXIBLE The body and size of the product are built to be flexible for adjusting to all beards and hairlines and to be used with any different hand sizes and different hand grips
BONUS A professional Barber Tracing Pencil with EVERY product. The pencil is the PERFECT aid for barbers and stylists applying hair fibers or to practice using the curves on yourself

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