As the block continues, we wanted the Gloucester Road hairdressers team in Franco’s Barbering Lounge to give advice on male grooming at home.

This helps our dear customers to keep control of their beards, sideburns and mustaches until we can open them again.

The team at our Bristol hair salon has compiled our top tips for grooming men, shaping beards and trimming sideburns to give you free tips on maintaining the best possible grooming for men at home.

First, master hairdresser Franco Lombardi wanted to give advice on the use of Wahl Clippers for male care. These are a fantastic tool for grooming men.

Wahl hair clippers are a versatile, reliable and professional men’s grooming tool that can be used during lockdown and ensures good hair mixing and grooming for men.

Bristol Grooming Tips For Male Grooming In Lockdown

Professional hair clippers are perfect for mixing sideburns in different qualities. It is important to use the protective functions of an open or closed hair clipper to achieve the necessary level of grooming for sideburns as well as neck hair, eyebrows and hair to cut hair around the ears.

Some of Franco’s most important tips for beard shaping and beard care during lockdown include the following advice:

Beards can be kept short and neat by using hair clippers with a longer hair clipper guard: just run around the chin with a 4 or 5 incline, then run a 2 or 3 step shorter to the sideburns and mix it with rejuvenation a.

Salon manager Lee has the following tips to care for men to share:

Use trimmers, not a razor, and make sure beard oil and moisturizer are applied. This is really important to maintain whisker health during lockdown. Tea tree oil and coconut oil are both very good to try.

Senior Barber Luca gives the following advice on beard trimming:

Use a comb and twist it from the ear to the jaw to get a strong line. Place it under the chin at the bottom of the beard, about a finger above the Adam’s apple, to create a line with a hair clipper.

To smooth it out, first work on the cord. To reduce the volume of the cord, use a hair clipper with a slope of 2 or 3 to a softer jaw line under the beard. Also use products to keep the whisker looking neat and tidy during lockdown.

Finally, Barber Tom adds the following general beard care advice:

Don’t hum all hair during lockdown and don’t let a partner do it for you. Style beards, mustaches, and sideburns and experiment, but be sure to keep them consistent. Using mirrors can be difficult when grooming men.

We hope you find these tips on grooming men helpful during the lockdown in Bristol. If you are having difficulty getting beard care products, mustache waxes or beard balm and serum products for men, please email us directly at admin @ bristolbarber .com and we will arrange for your top brand favorites to be mailed to any BS zip code.

To learn more about Wahl Clippers, please visit here.

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