With the lockdown lifting and reopening of our hair salon on Gloucester Road, many customers have asked what are the best styling and conditioning products for men with long hair in Bristol.

Many customers opted for longer hair and let it grow across the city through the Covid 19 lock.

Our team of barbers from Bristol is seeing more and more men who want to style and care for longer hair instead of opting for popular men’s haircuts such as skin fades and short backs and sides at our men on Gloucester Road for a few months.

So if you are considering keeping your hair longer but are not sure how to style and care for longer hair for men, we recommend the following products:

Moroccan oil

This is an excellent leave-in conditioner that can be easily applied to the hair, giving moisture and shine and preventing long hair from drying out. Only £ 13.45.

TIGI Small Talk

Small Talk is part of the fantastic bedhead series and comes in a funky purple ball. It is perfect for the daily care of longer hair for men. And only £ 16.95.

Fiber care foam

This best-selling long hair styling product from American Crew delivers a non-sticky, voluminous mousse that quickly engages the hair. Costs £ 13.95.

Fiber cream

Fiber Cream is another great product for men with long hair from American Crew. It offers good hold for longer hair and costs only £ 13.95 in the salon.

Long hair styling for men is also a popular option at the moment, and our barber team on Gloucester Road will be happy to give you expert advice.

We now have three hairdressers working at the same time, all of whom respect the requirements of social distancing, offer a calm and peaceful environment and are Covid-safe and stress-free for customers.

Retail has flown out the door of our Bristol hair salon, and many customers have changed their usual hair products because of longer hair.

It was a great start after the salon closed and customer feedback on our recent email campaigns around Covid-19 was excellent. We have worked hard to give our customers full confidence, and our Covid-safe Bristol hair salon policy gives our customers the confidence that we are working within a high level of security and that we take all necessary Covid-19 security measures.

To book your men’s haircut after the lockdown in Bristol, please visit it online and make an appointment.

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