Following the latest government guidelines in a 42-page document, we wanted to ask the simple question: is your Bristol hairdresser Covid-safe?

We have received great feedback from our customers recently since we reopened and found it useful to give a full overview of our increased security measures in the salon so that old and new customers have full confidence in us.

We attach great importance to the safety of our customers and hairdressers and have followed the official and industry guidelines to ensure that we are Covid-safe.

The measures we use in our hair salon on Gloucester Road include:

All team members wear face protection and not just a face mask

Hand sanitizers are provided to all customers on arrival for their appointment

Appointments only online, without walk-ins or queues outside the salon

No beard or male grooming services are offered until further notice

All customers wear a face mask in the salon (we can provide this)

We also ask all customers a simple survey with five questions when they arrive and before entering the salon. These include: Do you have symptoms of Covid 19, do you have a fever, do you have a dry throat, do you have a cough? Have you had any contact with anyone diagnosed with Covid-19?

No early or late appointments are accepted, and we ask customers to take a minimum of possessions with them to the salon, i.e. no bicycles, bags or backpacks, with customers’ coats folded and placed on their lap.

Our team washes hands before and after each customer service and all stations are sterilized and thoroughly cleaned. Disposable aprons are used.

We also have a reduced service menu with four main hairstyles for men:

Haircut after lockdown (14-15 weeks growth)

DIY (customer cut his hair in lockdown and needs our help)

Maintain longer length (lockdown hair will be redesigned with the same length)

Clipper haircut (the hair after the lockdown is briefly reshaped with clippers)

Our standard hair consultations for men are now longer to allow for extra time for customers with longer hair and / or loss of shape and condition.

This is to ensure that we offer our customers comprehensive and thorough advice. For example, since reopening, 50% of our customers have kept longer hair and fringe, with redesigning longer hair being more popular.

All scissors, combs and hair clippers are left in the disinfectant for 20 minutes after each customer service. Only paper towels are used in the salon. A fresh dress and towel is used for each customer, and each dress is immediately subjected to a 60 degree wash after use. Foot pedal containers are also used in the salon.

After each haircut, each station is cleaned, including the chair, sink, and column, which are thoroughly disinfected. We allow 10 minutes to prepare each column for the next customer visit.

To cover the additional cost of PPE and cleaning supplies, we have introduced a £ 1 Covid 19 fee for all of our hairdressing services. If this is certain, we will transfer these costs to customers after official advice.

We have also introduced a tiered pricing system based on the barber level. So the cheapest cuts are for apprentices, then junior barbers, then qualified barbers and master barber Franco Lombardi. Please ask for further details.

We have two hairdressing teams that work alternately and work on selected days over several shifts from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. For the next six weeks, we will also work on Sundays to meet current customer demand.

We follow all recommended practices related to social distancing, washing hands, using PPE, cleaning the salon, and applying best practices.

To book your next haircut for men after the lockdown in Bristol, please visit them online and make an appointment.

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